St. Louis, Missouri, sits on the Mississippi River in the heart of the United States。Although traditionally considered part of the Midwest, the region offers visitors a unique mix of cultures, including the gentry of the South, the industry of the North, the fascinating history of the West, and the elegant architecture of the East。

St. Louis, named after Louis IX, the French Crusader king, was founded1764He was a French-born fur trader at the timePierre LacledeAuguste ChouteauIt was the first time the river came up here from New Orleans。


The musical history of St. Louis

It is the birthplace of the blues music that haunts clubs and bars across the city every night。W.C. HandyWrote some of the most famous blues songs about the city in the world——“St. Louis blues。You can see it in st. Louis' many blues clubs and barsIn a bad moodWhat a great experience。

Five minutes south of the Arch,SoulardHidden in the neighborhood's red brick buildings are blues clubs, the busiest blues music district in St. Louis。If you want to experience real live blues seven days a week, you have to goBB's Jazz, Blues & SoupsBroadway Oyster Bar。The two nightclubs are only a stone's throw apart。

Laclede 's Landingentertainment——Referred to as"The Landing"The cobblestone streets hum with music from nightclubs and restaurants in restored 19th-century warehouses。在Laclede 's Landing, held every year on Labor Day weekendBig MuddyBlues Festival, providing a wide range of outdoor stages for blues bands to perform。

National Blues Museum (National Blues Museum) aims to showcase America's roots in music and artists as well as blues in jazz, rock and roll,R&BAnd even the development of country music。A variety of interactive exhibits, artifacts, educational programs and one150The one-seat venue showcases the best blues music for music lovers。Visitors can also improvise their own blues songs in a series of booths as they explore the museum。

Nightclubs and restaurants on Washington Street in downtown St. Louis are housed in warehouses and loft Spaces that once housed garment and shoe factories when st. Louis was a center of the garment industry。

"The Loop"The area is just outside downtown St. Louis8Miles away, visitors to this vibrant six-block area can wander among the musical nightclubs along a footpath decorated with brass pentacles and twists honoring Some of St. Louis's most famous citizens, includingIke TurnerTina TurnerMiles DavisScott JoplinJohnnie JohnsonChuck BerryAnd many other St. Louis music legends。


A premier tourist destination

The symbol of St. Louis is the world-famous grand Arch that dominates the St. Louis skyline。这座630A foot-high stainless steel sculpture1965Completed in 1844 in honor of Thomas·President Jefferson, the Louisiana Purchase (which bought most of the western half of the United States from France), and Jefferson's vision for a transcontinental United States。The Great Arch is the tallest monument in the United States, standing on the Mississippi River in St. Louis。A tram system at each end of the arch takes visitors to the very top of the cantilevered arch for spectacular views of the city。201873The grand Arch reopened to the public Sunday after an extensive renovation to strengthen the connection between the Mississippi River and St. Louis。The Grand Arches is now part of the new Grand Arches National Park, which also includes the Grand Arches Museum (which tells the story of westward expansion through six themed exhibits), the Grand Arches River Boat (Riverboats at the Gateway Arch) and the Old Court (Old Courthouse)。

In the heart of the St. Louis metropolitan area1,300Acres of forest park and its main attractions——The zoo, art museum, science center, history museum, and more offer many free and low-cost activities for visitors to St. Louis。占地90The acre St. Louis Zoo boasts a collection of visitors from around the world18,000Many animals。The St. Louis Museum of Art was originally1904The Louisiana Land Purchase Fair (also known as the St. Louis World's Fair)。The museum is one of the nation's leading comprehensive art museums, and its collection includes extraordinary works of art from almost every culture and period。St. Louis Science Center owns700Multiple hands-on exhibits and a four-story domed theater- OMNIMAX ®。The Missouri History Museum is dedicated to documenting and interpreting the history of the St. Louis area。General admission is free for each attraction。

St. Louis Union Station is1894National Historic LandmarkThe train station, once the largest and most beautiful train station in America。The outdoor train park hosts a nightly light show, while the elegant station concourse has a three-dimensional projection light show on the ceiling。St. Louis is currently working on a number of other improvement projects, including125,000Square foot st. Louis Aquarium, which is planned for2019At the end of open。The new aquarium will showcase underwater life from oceans and rivers around the world and provide visitors with educational and hands-on experiences。此外,2019One more will be added in 2008200The foot ferris wheel gives passengers a panoramic view of the St. Louis skyline from above。

A visit to the city's museums is also a unique experience not to be missed。Children and adults alike will love the activities and exhibits at the former shoe factory。There are mysterious caves and passages, a small circus, a museum of architecture, a museum of oddities and lots of slides。The City Museum is a waste lover's paradise because many of the exhibits here are made from products used for other purposes。

The Missouri Botanical Garden, as locals call itXiao garden) is an area79Acres of urban oasis since1859It's been a public institution in St. Louis since 2000。It is considered one of the top three public gardens in the world and the first botanical garden of its kind to be established in the United States。


Try the local cuisine

St. Louisans love food and are known for their thousands of unique restaurants。So grab a knife and fork and sate your hungry taste buds。Every restaurant in the kitchen are not first-class chefs, for you to cook a variety of food。Elegant steakhouse, fashionable European bistro, courtyard cafe, barbecue restaurant——No matter what style you prefer, the fine dining restaurants of St. Louis will not disappoint。

We have lots of interesting neighborhoods likeSoulardThe LoopGrand South GrandCentral West End"These areas are the real heart of St. Louis, where you can sample flavors from around the world at this virtual restaurant, or take a break at one of the sidewalk cafes tucked away among chic homes, boutiques and galleries。

The HillA variety of Italian restaurants, trattoriums and mom-and-pop restaurants offer delicious dishes waiting for you。St. Louis is also famous for itsTony 'sRestaurant, which is considered by many to be the best Italian restaurant in America。

Here's what you can't miss when you come to St. LouisSt. Louis,味道:

  • Italian potstickers (Toasted Ravioli——The thin dough is deep-fried and filled with minced meat, then served with Italian garlic and tomato sauce。"T - ravs"It's a staple of appetizer menus all over St. Louis。
  • Ted DrewesFrozen custard is66One of the signs on the highway, for sale here冰砖The smoothie is so thick that even if you hand it upside down, there's not a drop of flavor。
  • St. Louis style pizza——Thin, crunchy flatbreadsProvel芝士——A blend of Swiss, projou and cheddar cheese, cut into squares and topped with your favorite meats and vegetables。Imo's PizzaHe was the originator of this pizza。
  • GooeyButter cake——Delectable from st. Louis' large German community bakery, the name of this coffee cake says it all。
  • Roast pork chops——If you try to order pork chops at a barbecue anywhere outside St. Louis, you'll be disappointed。This thinly sliced pork from a pig's shoulder creates a unique St. Louis style roast。
  • St. Louis style ribs——St. Louis ribs use pork chops from the lower end of the ribs。When cooked, the sternum with the fleshy ribs is cut to separate the rib tips。
  • St. Paul sandwich——Fried egg hibiscus on white bread, a specialty only found in Chinese restaurants in St. Louis。


The road to motherThrough St. Louis

Indulge in a time-honored experience66St. Louis section of route one, the legendaryThe road to motherThere are some interesting ones here迂回。This article for2,448Miles of road1926Opened in 1998, it drew generations of travelers westward across the United States from Chicago to California's Pacific coast。Today, you can learn by visiting roadside attractions on one of the world's most famous and fascinating roads66How did the Highway become such an enduring legend。

66St. Louis section of Highway, visitors can visit the Old Stone Chain Bridge (Old Chain of Rocks Bridge) to hike or bike。The bridge was originally66Highway 1, which crosses the Mississippi River, is now the longest pedestrian bridge in the world。Standing on the bridge, you can enjoy spectacular views of downtown St. Louis and view the city's whimsical castle-style water towers from above the Mississippi River。A special eagle watch is held on the bridge every January。

66The sweetest stop on the highway is in South St. LouisTed DrewesFrozen custard. St. Louis has a favorite冰砖奶昔。冰砖A smoothie is a vanilla frozen egg smoothie with your favorite fruit, nut, or other flavor. It is so thick that it is usually handed upside down。66Another attraction on Highway 1 is the Melamec Cave (Meramec Caverns), this huge cave was once Jesse's·James's hiding place, since20世纪30It was opened to the outside world in 1900sThe road to motherOn the oldest tourist attraction。

If you want to know about66For more information about highway St. Louis, see our special article66Introduction to Highway。

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