Recognized as the cultural hub of the region, 大中心艺术区 offers art for everyone — no matter one’s taste. An electrifying deluge of culinary, 视觉, and performing arts will stimulate all who venture within the one-mile, 175英亩的半径, chocked full of sensory delights. 超过12个,000 theater seats representing 50 arts organizations, 20家餐厅和酒吧, 十几家艺术博物馆, 两家酒店, 两个表演艺术公园, 和两所大学, area is a vibrant epicenter of action.

不管你是否喜欢传统, 折衷的或实验性的食物, 艺术或戏剧, 大中心艺术区 caters to all. 每小时. 每一天. 全年.

Nearly two million patrons filter through the area annually, whether as a patron of the Saint 路易 Symphony Orchestra at Powell Hall, 神话福克斯剧院, Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Galleries, Pulitzer Foundation for the 艺术, Kranzberg艺术中心, St当代艺术博物馆. 路易,或许多其他站点.

但这仅仅是个开始. Think total immersion — walking architectural tours every Saturday morning; daily performances, 类, 快乐的时间, and concerts in Strauss Park; gallery hopping and dinner at The Best Steak House, 份牛排, sandwiches and sides in relaxed cafeteria style digs since 1964; lunch at a food truck every Tuesday during summer; followed by a visit to Miss M’s Candy Boutique Sweet 商店, filled with a colorful array of sweet delectables. For a complete list of events and entertainment hotspots, visit grandcenter.org.

The distance between the north-south boundary of the neighborhood on Grand Avenue – from Lindell to Martin Luther King Drive — is nicknamed “steeple to steeple,” in reference to the two churches that anchor either end, St. Alphonses Ligouri Catholic Church and St. 弗朗西斯泽维尔学院教堂. The east-west boundaries are from Compton to Vandeventer. 从市区, take the Metro Link to the Grand station stop; public bus service is available as well. 两个车库, a number of surface lots and streetside spots provide ample parking for visitors who prefer to drive.

地区主办超过1个,500 arts and festival events each year, including National Dance Week in Grand Center (April); the Tennessee Williams Festival (April); Strauss Park Alive (summer); 艺术 & 信仰十大最大的网络彩票平台 (September), which began on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and includes an interfaith commemoration in music; and the KDHX Folk and Roots Festival (September), 其中包括的, 蓝草音乐, 乡村和蓝调, 还有研讨会, 广场舞, Folk School Fiddle contest and a Murder Ballad Ball.

戏剧迷? The Grand 剧院 Crawl (July) showcases 22 local theater groups in free, short performances over two days, a great way to sample some of the city’s theatrical offerings. 还有很多-还有 .扎克, Grandel剧院, 玛塞尔剧院, Kranzberg艺术中心 provide a wealth of thought-provoking theatrical experiences, 价格合理. 看到 the latest touring Broadway show at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. 在八月,圣. Lou Fringe Festival offers drama, dance, comedy, 大满贯/口语, 时尚, 歌舞杂耍表演, 和杂技艺术, all concentrated within several city blocks in an explosive pressure cooker of artistic expression. 在任何一个夜晚,re are a half-dozen Fringe shows with street performers roaming the festival grounds.

音乐爱好者? Enjoy the best of live jazz – the living legends as well as the rising stars — emanating from Jazz at the Bistro, intimate performance space that offers cabaret seating, 晚餐和饮料. 萨克斯大卫·桑伯恩, 钢琴家彼得·马丁, Freddy Cole and the Wynton Marsalis Jazz Band are just a few of the jazz greats who grace the stage. Additional music venues that cater to every genre, 包括暗室, Curtain Call Lounge and the Stage at KDHX, 走几步就到了吗. 不知道该选哪一个? Join the free Wednesday Night Jazz Crawl, a walking tour of three different locations each week.

Prefer the quiet space of a gallery? In a one-block area on Washington Avenue, art lovers can peruse the vastly contrasting exhibits displayed at four museums and galleries right across the street from each other. 其他人, including the McNamee Gallery at SLU and the Moto Museum, are located just a short walk in either direction. The International Photography Hall of Fame provides a unique look into the minds of famous photographers such as Ansel Adams, 黛安•阿勃丝, Margaret Bourke and Mathew Brady. Interactive digital displays provide a different lens from which to appreciate the work.

食物爱好者? 如果你饿了, Grand Center can stimulate your taste buds. 餐厅早午餐, lunch from a food truck at Strauss Park, 在M小姐餐厅吃甜点, beer flights at Urban Chestnut 酝酿 Co., loaded nachos at the Field House Pub and Grill. 还是饿了? Frequent the art cafes, rooftop bars, a sushi lounge, and outdoor cafes.

Beyond arts and entertainment, Grand Center also serves as a St. 路易 public media hub for KDHX Radio, Nine Network and St. 路易 Public Broadcasting; includes schools and universities for nearly 12,000 students; and provides space for up and coming artists in various incubator and arts spaces.

那么,你还在等什么? 在格兰德中心继续你的艺术吧.

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